We are One - Bao Bao’s Memorable Trip in Phan Thiet

19, Jul, 2022

Bao Bao Company has reactivated the annual company trip incorporating with team building program for the whole workforce after a long period of hardworking. In the early morning of 27th of May, hundreds of employees had gathered at the headquarter of Bao Bao Company locating in Long An province to heading to Phan Thiet – a city of sunshine and beach.

With the creative program that includes the team building activity called “We are One” and the gala dinner “Connect to Thriving”, Bao Bao had an opportunity to give the employees a work-life balance, as well as build an energetic and committed workforce.

During the team building program “We are One”, the teammates had fully utilised their companionship and skills to play the games where people could actually observe the flexibility, togetherness of Bao Bao’s employees.

The program concluded with the gala dinner “Connect to Thriving” for everyone to recall the meaningful moments of the day. Along with the cheerful and cosy atmosphere as well as the musical performances and raffles, Bao Bao workforce had a quality time spending with their colleagues.

With the spirit “In Bao Bao We Trust”, Bao Bao is proud that the working environment is balanced and energetic where our employees can trust to work comfortably, productively, and sustainably.

Bảo Bảo Team Building – Phan Thiết


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